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It's been a busy start.

Posted by Andy Morris on

It's been a short six months since we first thought of setting up Your Club Printing .

In that time we created a web-site and we're swamped by enquiries from people, like us who are involved in grass roots sport and charity/volunteering work.

It quickly became apparent that hosting the online sales for our customers was another important development and so we invested in

Once we had the online shop live (a matter of a couple of weeks ago) we have been pleasantly surprised by the feedback. We had a few glitches and of course we have a few spelling mistakes to find still but we're pleased with th website, we hope you are too?

We still have 3 main goals for You Club Printing

1. To provide printed merchandise with no minimum order value

2. To offer free delivery

3. To generate as much money as we can for our grassroots sport/charities as we can

No doubt what we provide and how we provide it will develop and grow but as long as we are here we will maintain th principles we had when we started.

We have achieved a few of our goals for Your Club Printing already but a big on still to do is to deal with order number 1,000. Whomever places that order will get it free.