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Why bother?

Posted by Andy on

I had a great chat with the chairman of a grassroots club this weekend.

He has over 400 players from tiny kids through to under 18's under his wing and is doing a great job, as he has done for a couple of decades, making playing football fun and affordable.

I wasn't there to sell our services I was simply there as a parent to watch kids train and play.

We got chatting and when he found out what we do at Your Club Printing he simply said, "Oh we can't be bothered with all that. Not enough people are interested."

That's not an unusual response for us here to be honest. There are quite a few people we meet who are simply too busy running teams or clubs to get involved in team merchandise.

Simply getting shirts embroidered every season is enough (we can also sort that out for you too by the way) and where will the money come from to buy the merchandise?

So we did a quick bit of market research and asked three of his team's players if they would be interested in a few bits of club merchandise if it were available.

Gym Bag


Water Bottles


Both kids and parents said they would love buy things if they were available.

So the chairman was now turned on to the idea.

A speedy, back of an envelope calculation later and he reckoned he was easily looking at £1,000 of additional funds coming in.

When I explained that he need only pay for what is ordered he really was interested. Free delivery was another plus. Hosting his team in our online shop so that he didn't need to even get involved made what we do the ideal solution.

Its not about 'why bother' as the funds are always welcomed by clubs but the team building and pride in the badge is a priceless additional benefit.

And at Your Club Printing we dont ask you to place an unwanted order of any value. Simply pop over to and have a look around.